7 Speed Reading Review Tips and Advice

7 Speed Reading Review

7 Speed Reading Review

Many students are faced with a challenge of reading several pages before they feel tired or asleep. Some professionals who want to advance their education find it difficult to concentrate especially if they have other duties to attend to. Learning how to fast read is the key to achieving your goals in whatever you are studying. However, speed reading does not just happen; it requires efforts and some other factors. Based off of the many 7 Speed Reading Review online, it seems like it will be a great software.  The following are some tips that can enable you achieve your academic goals despite having challenges:

The posture – Every reader should know that reading is skill that involves thinking. So you must set an environment that will alert the mind. For instance, if you are reading while lying on the couch or bed, it is very easy to fall asleep because the mind assumes it’s time to sleep. You need to sit in a position which tells the brain that it’s time to read.

Get moving – You need to move your eyes very fast. Stopping your eyes at one word will make your mind relax; and thus, you will be unable to speed read. However, moving your eyes with speed may not bring a positive effect; you need to teach your mind how to comprehend or respond to the word.

Move faster – As you continue to read, increase the speed not forgetting to focus on the meaning of the print. Remember reading is all about thinking; so you must always keep the mind under control and try to see if you understand whatever is in the text.

Set the time – You need to set the time which you feel comfortable to read. Those people who schedule to read after work find it difficult as their mind is already occupied. Morning hours are the best as the mind is still fresh and it can absorb a lot of information.

Set the limit – Reading the text as if its urgent will enable your mind focus on the content and in this case, you will be able to understand more. Many of the best speed reading software advise this technique.

Good lighting – In case you are reading electronically, the background light should be dim, but the screen should be brighter.

Use the right brain fuel  – Many people get some food or snacks once they feel sleepy. Although you may pick up, it will not be too long before you fall asleep once the energy begins to burn off. Drinking some juice or taking fruits will do you better especially if combined with some proteins?

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Online Continuing Education

There are so many things to be learned about the world. Take a library for example. Think about how many different subjects there are to be studied and learned through the books on the library shelves. You could start reading a book today and still be reading months or years from now. Or consider how much you could learn about something as simple as your favorite flower. Many books have been written and hundreds of websites have been created about that kind of flower alone. There is a complexity to your favorite flower that makes learning about it take longer than you’d first think. Whether you are eight or seventy-eight, continuing education is important for you.

Continuing education does not just mean that you move on to college after high school or that you pursue a graduate degree after completing college. Basically, continuing education means to continue learning. Continuing education happens as we become curious people who care about the ourselves, others, and the world. When we are curious about something it will inspire us to learn about it. Continuing education is simply about becoming a lifelong learner, it is about never being satisfied with the amount of knowledge we have but always pursuing something new.

Think about ways to make continuing education a consistent part of your life. What things are you curious about? Are there things you have always wondered about? Perhaps you would like to know more about the history of the automobile or about the person who invented blue jeans. Allow yourself to wonder things like this, but do not let yourself stop with just wondering. Continuing education means taking the time to study and learn about these and other things.

Continuing education can be as simple as committing to read one book per month for the rest of your life. Think about how much you could learn by reading books on different subjects for the rest of your life. Or, continuing education can be enrolling in a class at a local college just for fun. Have you always wanted to learn about European history? Enroll in a class about it just for your own benefit.

Whatever continuing education means for your life, just do it. You will be glad that you made it a priority to keep learning, and you will be surprised about how little you already know. Once you begin continuing education you will never be able to stop, and that is exactly the point.

Jeff Weiner encourages Kaplan University students to use networking to create the best teams–ones that help us be successful in achieving our goals. He enco. . .

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Educational Loan

Securing a loan does not come easy the first time. Anybody who has been through the old rigmarole of actually securing a loan will be aware of the difficulties that may be encountered. The young man who is straight out of college may want to secure a personal loan. A woman in her mid-twenties could be noting the pros and cons of taking an auto loan. A young, married couple may be looking at getting a mortgage so that they can invest in some property. But no matter what the situation, securing that loan is not going to be easy.

Let us take the case of a young person who wants a degree from a university. As we all know, higher education is quite expensive. We may want to get that degree or diploma, and may have sufficient brain power to get it, but our bank balance may be insufficient. Luckily, for most of us, education loans can be accessed by all. Banks and financial institutions in every nook and cranny are ready to pay the fees for the educational dreams of many students, both young and old. The expansion in the loan markets has helped us apply for various kinds of loans. As a result, young students who harbor dreams of higher education are able to live out their dreams.

At the same time, no borrower must allow himself to be satisfied with the first loan he finds. Remember that the loan providers are interested in expanding their business. You are their customer, and it is their duty to assist you in paying for various expenses. Hence, do not allow yourself to feel morally indebted to the loan provider. This is a business deal, pure and simple. The only thing that must not be neglected is that you need to repay the loan in good time. Defaulting on the amount only leads to still more avoidable expenses.

Even while looking for an education loan, you must decide what will be affordable. Ask yourself if you will indeed be able to repay the loan amount. Also, look out for discounted deals and special offers. There might be special deals available for the course that you are applying for. Check with students who are attending that course. Find out what loans may be a good idea. And do not rush into any deal just because the lender makes a great sales pitch. There are always some loopholes. Do not get into any deal without being aware of the pros and the cons.

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Download Speed Reading

Speedread America was America’s first company to introduce sophistically developed speed reading courses. In 1997 the first online course was Speed Reading in Only One Hour, by Dr. Jay Polmar. The company’s great success was increased through the publicity given by the Bottom Line magazine, a publication that served small businesses.

Slightly thereafter, Dr. Polmar’s college/university speedreading course was completed for online distribution – Be Dynamic Through Speedreading is a self-taught 7 hour course that the Dr Polmar personally taught at Colleges and Universities in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Oregon and Hawaii. This educational program course includes speed reading, brain/mind methods of concentration, improvement of the memory and the recall function, development of the intuition to take exams, and also, the the art and science of how to write term papers and theses. This dynamic program also assisted with helping study take effective notes after studying the program and apply the techniques.

In 2000, the children’s program, entitled If You Can Read This, You Can Read Faster was developed with the aid of a 12 year old secondary student, Ashley Johnson. Ashley assisted Dr Polmar to revise the One Hour Program, with added vocabulary, describing the psychology of education. It has helped thousands of youngsters to increase reading levels and teach speed reading to children.

Beginning in 2002, Dr. Polmar began writing of programs specially for use in Mexico. This included: The Gringo Guide to speaking Spanish (a course for tourists), the Legends Reading Program (a bilingual educational tool for students from 5 years old through college), Don Francisco’s Guide to English, (a basic prhymer to the English Language and a Guide to English Slang), three translations of his speed reading courses into Spanish at primary, secondary and college levels, and a specialized course in English for the Tourism industry for Hotels and Restaurants.

These books took the dedication of Mexican Educators in the region of Guadalajara and Mexico City to complete. The Spanish/Latino versions help Spanish readers to become English-speaking for more success in their later lives.

The results of our speed reading and English programs amounts to reduction of students deserting school early, to work in farming or or doing work with minimal potentials. Fewer men and boys leaving Latin America for work in the United States and elsewhere. The opportunity is vast to use this program. to considerably improve students educational abilities here in Mexico, related to reading, speed reading, speaking English and more.

Do you want to know how speed reading works? Are the claims you have heard true? I expose all the dirty secrets and explain exactly how REAL speed reading wo. . .

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Educational Management

Many children have sleep disorders that interrupt their lives, and those of their parents and siblings as well. A child sleep disorder can make life very difficult and interfere with the necessities of life. Parents who worry about the child sleep disorders in their family might rest assured that they are not alone. Many parents face similar problems. One of the main child sleep disorders that parents face is a child cannot sleep through the night. Most parents do not want their child to be awake in the middle of the night by themselves so this problem can affect their sleep as well.

The problems with some children are just part of their makeup because they do not sleep well through the night. Adults and children have sleep cycles that go between deep sleep and light sleep. The deep sleep cycle is when a person dreams. During the light sleep cycle, the child is more likely to wake up. Since each person goes through several of these cycles during the night, there are several times during the night when the child sleep disorder might occur. Infants do not usually sleep through the night for some time. These small babies have a light sleep cycle every fifty minutes. Parents of infants all know that this is the case, and they work to get their child on the proper sleep cycle.

A Child Sleep Disorder Can Interrupt the Necessary Amount of Sleep

Children need much more sleep than their parents although sometimes they want to stay up as long as their parents stay awake. A child in school needs between nine and twelve hours of sleep every night. They need at least nine hours to be ready to participate properly in school activities. There are many children who do not get this amount of sleep, and many of these do not do as well in school because of this. Children who are getting enough sleep will wake up easily. All parents who have trouble getting their children to wake up should know that their children need more sleep.

Children should also be able to fall asleep quickly. If they toss and turn for more than thirty minutes before they fall asleep, there is some kind of a problem. Children should be able to stay awake throughout the day if they are getting enough, proper sleep at night. There is information that a substantial number of children are not alert at school and that their drowsiness interferes with their education to some extent.

Watch more Raindrop cartoon videos: Subscribe to the channel: Raindrop is a cartoon serie for kids about water, pla. . .

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Help A Child Read

It is that time of year again. If you child is already 5 or will be turning 5 on or before Oct. 1 (date depends on your state) then it is time to start thinking about registering your child for kindergarten. However this is also the time that many parents begin worrying about whether or not their child is ready for kindergarten.

First, it is important to note that entry to kindergarten is based primarily on age. In most U. S. states that simply means that if your child is or will be 5 years old on or before Oct. 1 (date may vary in some states) then your child must start kindergarten that school year.

The good news is that most primary programs are designed to take children with a variety of social, emotional, and academic needs and work with them based on their strengths.

However we also know that children who start kindergarten with a good grounding in six skill areas have a head start and a higher success rate than children lacking these basic skills.

The skills that ease transition into kindergarten and help lead to a successful kindergarten year fall into these basic areas: cognitive skills, listening and sequencing, language skills, fine motor skills, social emotional skills, and gross motor skills.

Cognitive skills that will help your child be better prepared for kindergarten include the usual suspects such as knowing the alphabet, primary colors, shapes and being able to count to ten.

You should also work with your child to make sure she knows her phone number, address, birthday, and age.

Some emergent literacy skills also include being able to identify his own name in writing, writing his own name, answering questions about a story, understanding that words are read from left to right, knowledge of some nursery rhymes, recognizing written numbers, and vocabulary.

Listening and sequencing are also important skills and this includes the ability to follow simple directions, paying attention, retelling a simple story in sequence, repeating a sequence of sounds, and repeating a sequence of numbers.

In addition to the emergent literacy skills connected with cognitive skills, there are also language skills connected to relationships such as big and little, short and tall, more and less, up and down, top and bottom, in and out, over and under, front and back, and slow and fast.

While we often associate school simply with cognitive skills, it is important that children also have fine and gross motor skills as well as social emotional skills.

Fine motor skills include being able to tie shoes, hold crayons with fingers, copy a straight line, copy a vertical line, copy a circle, hold and use scissors correctly, cut on a line, button buttons, work a simple puzzle (six pieces), and zip clothing.

Gross motor skills include hopping, jumping, walking a straight line, skipping, galloping, throwing a ball or bean bag, catching, clapping hands, and kicking a rolling ball.

Social emotional skills include sharing with others, getting along with others, maintaining self control, verbal self expression, and the ability to take care of toilet needs independently.

If your child has all these skills mastered then they are well on the road to success in kindergarten. Don’t worry if your child has not yet achieved success with all these skills. You can continue to work on the skills right up until the start of school and certainly after school has started you can team with your child’s teacher.

Learn more at – Success in school starts with reading. Find out what you can do at home to help your young child become a good read. . .

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Education Usa

Online education is becoming increasingly popular because it allows people who may not ordinarily have the opportunity to get qualifications, to do so. Those of us who work do not have the time to commit to full time education and with bills to pay, and family to look after it becomes even more difficult to fit evening courses into an already full schedule. However, an online education means you can study at your own pace and time while still earning a reputable and useful qualification.

Regardless of the area you want to study you will be able to find an online college or university that offers the qualification you are looking for. Start by looking around your local area because even online education may sometimes require personal tutoring or exams and these cannot always be done on the Internet.

Once you know the course you want to study and you have applied, it’s time to start working. An online education demands a greater level of commitment and you should make sure that you always offer the commitment that is required. You will have to do all your work off your own back in order to earn the qualification you want, but this means you should have a greater sense of satisfaction when completed.

Those who study through an online education facility have, in years gone by, struggled to receive the full acclamation for their efforts. However, reports show that executive and higher paid jobs invariably go to those with a degree or similar qualifications and employees now recognize the level of commitment and need for pro activity that is required to complete and online education course. You too could take advantage of this recognition while still retaining your current job. In fact, you could use your newfound qualification to get the promotion or pay rise that you feel you deserve.

Joshua Katz is a high school math teacher in Orange County, FL. Joshua’s Talk: In the mid 1800′s, Horace Mann captured the potential impact of education on s. . .

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How To Help Your Child

Well parents, it is that time of year again. The time of year when your child will be heading off to preschool or kindergarten. This can be a trying experience for both you and your child. I remember the first time I sent my daughter off to preschool. As the day came closer and closer, the tears started to form and each time I looked at her, I knew pretty soon she would be going off to start her wonderful career in academia. On the first morning of school, I woke up pretty early and cooked her her favorite breakfast. I tried to stay as calm as possible, but I knew in a few short hours she would be out the door and on her way to school. I was so scared! Did I prepare her enough? Did I teach her all the right things? Like don’t talk to strangers, don’t eat off the floor? Wash your hands when you are done using the bathroom and make sure you wipe yourself? Listen to your teacher, and try your best. . . . (read the full article at the link below)

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Online Speed Reading

Any high school or college student will tell you that they spend many hours lost in their books, studying for exams. In order to ace the exam, it’s essential that they know the material. In order to know the material that may mean reading it over and over again until the key details become ingrained in their mind. For a student who reads at a normal pace, this process can take hours and they may lose interest before they are adequately prepared.

A great investment for any student regardless of age is to spend some time learning speed reading. The process itself is relatively easy; it involves taking the reading skills that you already have, and boosting them up through the use of specific techniques. The goal with speed reading is to have your mind and eyes working in unison so that you are reading at a much faster pace while absorbing the meaning of what you are reading.

Students tend to pick up reading habits young. It is those habits that will influence how they read for the remainder of their lives. Some of the habits that children adopt that slow down their reading rate include:

Reading in a noisy environment. Many children play music loudly or have the television on while they are studying. Any loud noise is a distraction to the reading and although the child may read an entire passage or chapter of a book in one evening, they may not absorb any of the information if they are doing it while distracted.

Reading in bed. When anyone reads in bed, they may not be getting the most out of what they are reading. Body position is important to reading and being in bed doesn’t afford you the concentration you could get if you were sitting at a table or at a desk with the book directly in front of you.

Losing their place in the text. Reading an entire page of text can be laborious and a bit overwhelming especially for younger readers. Unless they are following with a bookmark or their finger, they may easily lose their place and either reread entire blocks of text, or miss entire lines of text. Incorporating a method of following text into their reading routine can make a remarkable difference.

Children can learn to adopt new methods of reading that will greatly improve both their reading speed and their comprehension. The younger these techniques are introduced the more beneficial it is to the student. Parents can help by encouraging the child to read in a dimly lit room, while seated at a desk or a table in a quiet room. If the child becomes accustomed to reading this way, they will already be well on their way to learning the basics needed for speed reading. Studying is a fundamental part of learning, and making it easier and more enjoyable will guarantee more success for the student.

Do you want to know how speed reading works? Are the claims you have heard true? I expose all the dirty secrets and explain exactly how REAL speed reading wo. . .

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Bachelor Of Education

Education is the most important thing that the parents can give to their kids. They are brought to school starting from the day they become ready to face the challenges of the outside world.

Learning is a continuous process. Everyday we learn from everything that we do. Once we are brought to school, our teachers make it a point that we learn everything they teach.

Learning in school is the most comprehensive way to gain knowledge. It is a tradition to bring your kids to school to get the knowledge they need. However, with the present economic situation, some families cannot afford to send their kids to school. This is the biggest problem in continuing the education.

Traditionally, adolescents are continuously growing up and therefore you need to send them to an excellent college for better education. They need education to get the training and knowledge they need.

On the other hand, education is quite expensive, that not all the families can afford the expenses to finish their education. With the latest technology, education is now cheaper. The latest and the newest way to continue education is here at last. Why not use the internet to continue education?

Internet is overflowing with so much knowledge. Resources and new knowledge is what you can get in the internet. We should not limit ourselves to get a quality education at the lowest cost outside the school.

Now, there many accredited colleges and universities online. They got the highest degree and quality educational programs that can even go further with the knowledge that you can get inside the classroom.

The possibility to gain more knowledge online is growing successfully. Time and cost are the first things that come in your mind when you think of getting a high quality education. You might not realize that going to college everyday to attend regular academic classes is truly a time consuming way to gain education. It is expensive.

You have to go to the class, with all your needed resources, while thinking about your food to eat, other appointments and schedules. Why waste your time to that kind of way to gain knowledge, when you can have the convenience of education using internet?

You can still receive the same education while not giving a hard time to face your daily activities outside your classroom. Online-accredited colleges and universities can give you this high quality education online. It is budget friendly, time saving way to get a value education. You can spend more time with yourself or even with your family.

Imagine the time you will spend on your way to your school, when you can utilize the time studying your lesson or work out your daily activities. You can also set the online education according to the availability of your time.

Imagine the convenience of online education compared to regular classes. Imagine a life of a mother with kids that is loved, they still need to double their time studying while working just to make both ends meet. Imagine the time she was wasting going to school while she can do it at home while taking care of her kids. That is how online education is all about.

It is convenient to go on online education. People nowadays busy with life but are still thinking of getting the proper education they need. Do not think twice, enroll yourself and feel the convenience of online education.

Some students are followed during the bachelor education fair in september 2006.

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Educational Videos

There is much to be said about how much television is too much television for children. As parents we are constantly reminded that our children should not be watching television at all. We hear about the risks of Attention Deficit Disorder, overall disobedience, and many other terrible consequences. I don’t disagree completely, but I do believe this topic needs to be discussed in greater detail.

I have a two year old son. I allow him to watch certain television shows and/or videos. Do I use the television as a babysitter or some other form of replacement for my presence? Never. I choose these programs carefully, ensuring that what they project is in accordance with what I want my son to learn. I use the television shows as reinforcement for the tools and lessons I am already teaching him AND I always watch his videos with him in order to help clarify or repeat words if necessary. Let me share with you an example.

Ever since my son had the dexterity to be able to point to the different parts of his body, my husband and I have been rehearsing the corresponding words for him to learn. Over and over and over we repeat these words. We also use children’s books to share these same words. Throw in a couple videos of kids singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” and you have a child who can put all these images and words together. I am NOT saying that the video was the key ingredient that taught my son these words. I am saying that children, just like adults, learn in a number of different ways. Why not introduce them to the world around them through various types of media. I believe the combination of books, imaginary play, music, and the right television programs can assist children in learning more than just one of these avenues by itself.

I also believe children learn by watching other children. If you don’t believe me, spend a few hours at your local preschool sometime and just observe. You’d be amazed at how children (toddlers especially) imitate one another. In my case, my son is still an only child at this time. I do my best to take him to play groups, tumbling class, and any other socialization activity I can get him to. When he is around other children, I can see an increased desire from him to want to communicate with the other children – moreso than even his need to communicate with me! Having said that, he still spends the majority of his time without the company of other children. We own several children’s videos (and watch special television programs) that involve children his age and slightly older. He is able to see these children interact, communicate, dance, sing, and even display their good manners. These programs have been a positive enhancement to the social skills my son has picked up at home and at play.

The bottom line to this discussion is not whether television in and of itself is evil and should be kept as far from children as possible. It boils down to WHAT children are watching, how the programs are playing a part in the child’s overall learning curriculum (is it the only source or is it a supplement to many other resources?), and the importance of having the child’s caregiver nearby to interact along with the program. I take an active part in watching television programs with my son so we can learn and have fun together.

I realize everyone has their own views about watching television and I’m definitely no expert, but this has worked in my home and I hope by sharing my experience that you will be able to gain a little something from it. Best wishes in parenting!

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