Is Speed Reading Real and How Can It Help You?

Little child play with book and glassesSpeed reading refers to reading a large amount of information at an incredible pace. Is speed reading real is something that is being wondered by those who are concerned about comprehending such vast amounts of information. The fact remains that speed reading allows people to read more as well as absorb more in a given time frame. This is done by lingering less on a given word and by reading more words or lines in lesser time.

In any workplace, there is a pile of e-mails, memos and office reports that one has to go through. Not all this may be of importance to you presently, but you do have to go through all of them. With speed reading you are able to breeze through all and then get down to doing your real work. This way it is highly beneficial in your work life, gives you an edge over co-workers and hence helps you to increase your productivity. All these are vital ingredients for having a successful corporate career.

Any student in school or college has a lot to read. This is essential in order to get good grades. Speed reading helps to read more, absorb more and even understand more. And as always, time is always at a premium. Thus speed reading becomes important in order to move ahead of the other students and score better. 

There are many other benefits of speed reading too. It helps the brain to work better. This is because the brain is being challenged to work better by reading more and absorbing more. This helps the other areas of the brain to work better too. 

Speed reading is a wonderful way to build focus. Typically when we are reading slowly, our brain tends to wander and we start getting other thoughts and ideas. But in case of speed reading, the mind has to focus on reading as well as absorbing more. This helps on increasing focus that slowly applies to other aspects of your life too.

Reading is a very good exercise for the brain as well as a stress reliever. It helps to take the mind away from worries by letting a person get absorbed in the reading. With speed reading, there has to be higher focus in order to ensure comprehension. This means a person gets absorbed more into reading leading to higher stress relief. All this leads to a higher state of emotional well being and tension free happiness.

7 Speed Reading Review Tips and Advice

Speed Reading Software review
Speed Reading Software review

Many students are faced with a challenge of reading several pages before they feel tired or asleep. Some professionals who want to advance their education find it difficult to concentrate especially if they have other duties to attend to. Learning how to fast read is the key to achieving your goals in whatever you are studying. However, speed reading does not just happen; it requires efforts and some other factors. Based off of the many 7 Speed Reading Review online, it seems like it will be a great software. The following are some tips that can enable you achieve your academic goals despite having challenges:

The posture – Every reader should know that reading is skill that involves thinking. So you must set an environment that will alert the mind. For instance, if you are reading while lying on the couch or bed, it is very easy to fall asleep because the mind assumes it’s time to sleep. You need to sit in a position which tells the brain that it’s time to read.

Get moving – You need to move your eyes very fast. Stopping your eyes at one word will make your mind relax; and thus, you will be unable to speed read. However, moving your eyes with speed may not bring a positive effect; you need to teach your mind how to comprehend or respond to the word.

Move faster – As you continue to read, increase the speed not forgetting to focus on the meaning of the print. Remember reading is all about thinking; so you must always keep the mind under control and try to see if you understand whatever is in the text.

Set the time – You need to set the time which you feel comfortable to read. Those people who schedule to read after work find it difficult as their mind is already occupied. Morning hours are the best as the mind is still fresh and it can absorb a lot of information.

Set the limit – Reading the text as if its urgent will enable your mind focus on the content and in this case, you will be able to understand more. Many of the best speed reading software advise this technique.

Good lighting – In case you are reading electronically, the background light should be dim, but the screen should be brighter.

Use the right brain fuel – Many people get some food or snacks once they feel sleepy. Although you may pick up, it will not be too long before you fall asleep once the energy begins to burn off. Drinking some juice or taking fruits will do you better especially if combined with some proteins?